“Merrimack” by Ichabod vinyl is now available!

2015-09-04 15.10.50Vinyl pressing of Merrimack is HERE!

We are stoked to finally have this vinyl record in our grubby little hands, and we know you all want a copy!


We only have a limited supply, so be sure to get your orders in now through our Bandcamp page!

Orders will be shipping out as soon as the end of this week (we would send them sooner, but the records arrived ahead of the shipping boxes!).

Stay tuned for some celebratory surprises coming soon!

Thanks to Pirates Press for manufacturing the vinyl, Aaron Edge for his assistance with the layout, Randolph Langenbach for permission to use his wonderful photographs, Glenn Smith for enduring years of recording, editing and rerecording and re-editing at Amps 2015-09-04 15.11.36Vs Ohms Studio, and Rob Gonnella
at New Alliance East Mastering for the final polish.

And of course, thanks to all our steadfast and dedicated fans – your support keeps us moving forward!

Ichabod back in the Studio

Ichabod is hard at work recording yet another album’s worth of new music, this time with songs created entirely by the current lineup.  Where Dreamscapes From Dead Space and Merrimack were largely written prior to John Fadden (Vocals) and Jason Adam (Guitar) joining the band, these new songs are truly the happy convergence of all things Ichabod, old and new.

Stay tuned!