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Rootsucker Records announces the release of “…Into Doves Of Grey”, the latest offering from songsmith Eddy Dyer. Recorded over July 4th weekend in 2007 by Kevin Kandel EDcdcoversmat Near The Portal Studios, “…Into Doves Of Grey” is a return to the solo-acoustic format of 1999’s “Explosion Alone,” only this time mixed and mastered by Kramer, the legendary innovator behind Daniel Johnston, Galaxy 500, Low, and 1995 “Producer Of The Year” (Rolling Stone Magazine).

With thirteen original tracks augmented by a blistering interpretation of (fellow Kramer alumni) Sonic Youth’s “Mote”, “…Into Doves Of Grey” is laden with themes of spirituality, from scathing rants on religious dogma (“Snakes Out Of Boston”, “Jesus Christ”), to candid reflections on the human condition (“Jennifer”, “Song For Jamie”), to abstract but potent pagan imagery (“God’s Baby Sister” and the album’s first single, “Deep Dark Night”).

The quirky title has roots in the writings of renowned novelist and fellow Lowell native Jack Kerouac – as Dyer explains;

“I think it was in Dr. Sax…anyway I remember reading about a great serpent getting ready to swallow the world, and at the last minute it dissolved into millions of grey doves – that always stuck with me, how, individually we aren’t evil at all, just imperfect – the real evil happens when we form into these big, unthinking entities.”


Eddy Dyer released his debut album, Explosion Alone, on Boston’s That Promising Seadog Media label in 1999, an intricate landscape of sound combining blues, folk, and Beat poetry with the spare, psychedelic sounds of Syd Barrett’s solo work.

His second album, ‘BUTTERFLY MEDICINE’, released in 2001 on Smokin Moon Records, showcased Dyer’s sense of dark whimsy, born of Brian Wilson and The Flaming Lips… In 2004, Eddy released ‘Eddy Dyer and The Walking Shoe Revival’, featuring Eddy’s most prolific collection of songs to date…

Currently at work on the follow-up to that album with longtime producer Jeff Hall, Dyer is collaborating with guitarist Earl Slick (Bowie, John Lennon fame), and legendary avant-garde jazz pianist Mike Garson (also of Bowie fame, not to mention Stan Getz, Stanley Clark, Nine Inch Nails, The Smashing Pumpkins and most recently The Polyophonic Spree).

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